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Kansas House Republicans

Putting Kids First!

Kansas House Republicans are taking action to lift up every school
and every student in our state with enhanced educational opportunities.

The Sunflower Education Equity Act brings together good ideas from both political parties to strengthen education across Kansas:

Continue to make public school funding our state’s top budget priority.

Fully fund special education

with an additional $72 million, an amount also included in Gov. Kelly’s budget plan.

Increase teacher pay

to demonstrate our commitment to Kansas educators and to address teacher shortages and retention challenges.

Open new opportunities
for specialized learning

through education savings accounts.
In our diverse and growing state, the educational needs
of our children are also complex and diverse.
This requires innovative solutions that aren’t limited
to one-size-fits-all.

Enhance educational freedom
by empowering parents

to determine the best potential education
pathway for their children.

How was this plan developed?
This bill is an example of listening to all sides of the issue and finding a compromise where we work together for the kids and teachers in our state, incorporating critical policy requests from both political parties. The goal is to enhance the educational opportunities of every Kansas child by devoting record funding to public education while offering new, individualized pathways to academic success.

Republicans will continue to work to improve and enhance Kansas public schools by listening to the feedback of parents, teachers, school board members, and administrative faculty on ways we can further bolster academic achievement.

Will this plan increase teacher pay?
Yes. We are lifting up our valued Kansas educators with a pay raise, as they too often struggle to make ends meet and are currently overburdened due to recruitment and retention challenges.
What do education savings accounts do?
Education savings accounts (ESA) help low- and middle-income families cover learning expenses such as tuition to a variety of schools; books and curriculum; and tutoring to best fit a student’s unique needs. Kansas is taking a measured approach that gradually phases in ESAs for qualifying families over several years, providing new specialized learning opportunities to those who need them. Those who choose to participate will have access to about $5,000 per year for education expenses, and the program will be administered by the state treasurer.
Do other states offer education savings accounts?
Yes. States that have passed similar programs have seen their public school systems grow and flourish with better outcomes for young people.